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· President Li Weiping elected as Executive Director of European and American Fellow-Studen… 2018-05-09
· Medical Experts Offering Advice to AMC’s Development and Construction 2018-05-09
· Twelve Research Projects of 2018 Approved by the Department of Education of Anhui Provinc… 2018-05-09
· Prof. He Xiaoshun accepts the title of honorary president of AMC 2018-04-18
· Grasp the Opportunity, Win the Future – AMC successfully holds the 2018 Graduate Employ… 2018-04-02
· A Delegation from Peking University Medical Industry Group Co., Ltd. visits AMC for coope… 2018-04-02
· Dr. Pan Kuijing,director of the Nursing Department of Nanjing BenQ Hospital, visits AMC… 2018-04-02
· A Delegation from Japan’s Mulan International Exchange Center Visits AMC 2018-04-02
· 10 Events of Anqing Medical College in 2017 2018-03-05
· Zhu Qingfeng Goes to the Pearl River Delta for Internship Inspection 2018-01-05
· The First Training Class of Learning the Spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC for … 2017-12-25
· Li Weiping Attends China-UK Healthcare Education and Training Seminar 2017-12-25
· A Delegation from AMC Visits some Universities and Medical Institutions in Italy and Brit… 2017-11-19
· AMC Holds a Gala to Celebrate its 74th Birthday 2017-11-19
· AMC warmly welcomes the freshmen 2017-09-18
· The rehab teaching group from AMC visits two universities in Taiwan 2017-09-18
· The 33rd Teachers’ Day is Celebrated in AMC 2017-09-17
· AMC Holds its Internal Quality Assurance System Training Course in Changzhou Vocational I… 2017-08-31
· Hu Zhi, vice president of Anhui Medical University, and his entourages visit AMC 2017-06-01
· A Delegation from University of Central Lancashire visits AMC 2017-04-21