Twelve Research Projects of 2018 Approved by the Department of Education of Anhui Province_Anqing Medical College
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Twelve Research Projects of 2018 Approved by the Department of Education of Anhui Province
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Anqing Medical College, Apr.19, 2018: Recently, the Department of Education of Anhui Province issued a document, An Announcement on the Approval of University Research Projects of 2018 from the Section of Secretarial Education of Anhui Province, No.31(2018), notifying that twelve research projects recommended from AMC to the Provincial Department of Education all passed through the approval, among which seven were key projects of natural sciences(including one project from the Affiliated Hospital of Chinese Herbal Medicine) and five key ones of humanistic and social sciences.
   Under the provisions of the document, AMC will unswervingly enhance the construction of research projects and the supervision of the fund in the field, urge the host of each project to implement his or her project earnestly, finish the research tasks on time, guarantee the quality of the research projects and ensure the expected outcomes of the projects, through which to give full play to the project construction in talent cultivation in AMC.
In recent years, AMC has attached much importance to scientific research and thus the atmosphere of research gets to become apparent and mellow. Accordingly the enthusiasm of doing research has been on the rise among the faculty, young and mid-aged teachers in particular. Analyzed from the details of these projects, the hosts are dominantly young and mid-aged teachers and their research quality and capability have been improved than ever before.
(Text by Liu Hongyan; Translation by Tu Houhong)